“My balance has improved and now I can feel confident about being outside and gardening” – Leslie H


“More than 5 years ago, I decided to try Pilates to help with knee problems.  I already had one knee replacement and decided there was no way I was going to have the other one operated on!!  In the beginning I was skeptical that this type of exercise was going to improve the condition ofmy arthritic knee.  But – I kept at it and slowly slowly, I could see there was improvement!  My quadriceps and hamstrings got stronger and now better support the knee joint. In fact, my whole body has benefited from the exercise – stronger core, stronger arms, better balance. “
“Jeanette as well as all the other instructors have given me the confidence and encouragement I needed and now, my week is not complete without Pilates, my Pilates partners and Jeanette’s sense of humor!”  R. Turner – Albuquerque


“In 1990 a Pilates studio opened near my home. Curious about it I signed up for private sessions.  With each session I gained appreciation not only for the equipment but also for the attention the instructor gave to how I used it. For twenty five years it has been my favorite form of exercise.”
“Jeanette Harris pays attention to the details of Pilates insuring that each session stretches and strengthens my muscles as the method is intended to do. I look forward to Pilates and make it a priority for my wellness.”   - Judith Lavender